Yesterday we went on an adventure to Safari West.  Grandma, Grandpa, Diane, Allie, Mommy, Autumn and I loaded into the van and headed for Santa Rosa.  We rode in an open jeep with a guide and then walked around to see some other animals.  We didn’t see all 1000 animals, but we sure saw a lot!

This was the red river hog.  It’s the boy-one way to tell is the black hair from his ears.

These are 2 of the 3 southern white rhinoceros.  The other one was only showing his butt so mom didn’t take any pictures.

These are 2 crazy animals we encountered.

We’re guessing this was a woodpecker based on the sound he was making pecking at the tree.


This was the boy zebra, Alcatraz.  I wonder what the guide meant when he said he was on spring break with all the girls?!

This is Woody the cape buffalo.  He tried to challenge his dad and after being lost for 2 weeks showed up in this enclosure.  He also left a very large hole in the chain link fence when he didn’t win against his dad!

Mom can’t remember what this was.

It was our turn to ride on top.  See our feet?

This is Oak, Woody’s dad.  These are one of the most dangerous animals at Safari West.

This is an aoudad.  He’s kinda cool looking.

Wildebeest chillin’ in the grass.

This may have been an addax.

The reticulated giraffe were walking around near our jeep.

There were all kinds of antelope in the enclosure too.  This one was a roan.

Mom says the masai giraffe was her favorite.  It was much darker and stayed really far away so this was the best picture she could get.

The brave “top” riders.

We had our candy “tongues” sticking out like giraffes.

Flamingo’s galore!

This was a vulturine guinea fowl.

This bird was super bright.  Mom thinks it’s a scarlet ibis.

This is a demoiselle crane.  She followed us around the bird enclosure during our tour.

Mom wanted a picture of the roseate spoonbill.  This one decided to poop right when she took the picture!

This blue duiker was full grown.  He lived in the enclosure with the birds.

There were 4 porcupine.  The quills on top are actually soft and bendable.  The ones near their butts are the pokey ones.

These are red-buffer lemurs

This bird was pretty, but we can’t remember what it is.

Cheetah is looking for dinner.

I think she found it!


Yay!  That was so much fun!

We saw lots of antelope, a bongo (which the hair will actually color your hand if your touch it), cranes, ducks, egrets, gazelle, hornbills, monkeys, ostriches, pigeons, servals, storks, a tortoise, and warthogs too!  Definitely a great adventure day!