This year we went out to California for New Years.  We got rolling suitcases for Christmas from Grandma, so we had to use them.  This is what Autumn’s looked like.  When we went through security the TSA man grabbed her bag and said “Whose is this?”  Mommy thought Autumn packed something she wasn’t supposed to have!  Autumn told the man it was hers and he asked “How can Darth Vadar have a bear sticking out?  I like your style kid!”


We went to cousin Shana’s house for New Years Eve.  Mom made more cookies so that we could decorate them to keep us busy.  Emmett wasn’t feeling well that night but he tried to hang.  Our cousins from San Diego came to the Bay Area too.  We had lots of fun with Savanah and Sydney.

IMG_7695 IMG_7696 IMG_7697 IMG_7699

We took a couple selfies!

IMG_7702 IMG_7703

Dinner was so yummy.  We had fondue!

IMG_7704 IMG_7705

Cousin time!


After church on New Year day we went to visit Pony’s best friend.  She had discovered this adult drink called Fire Ball.  She walked around with the bottle to make sure everyone could have some!


Then that night we went to Jun and Jane’s house for some dinner.


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