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Autumn turned 7 this year.  She had a Shopkins party at home, time at Chuck E Cheese with Ry and Bryce, birthday breakfast at Pancake House, and then birthday dinner at home.  This year, she wanted Mac an Cheese from a box and said the adults could have salad.  When Mom asked if the adults could have something else too, Autumn said fruit.  For dessert she chose the salted brownies from Trader Joe’s!

These were the goodie bags.


Here’s the table for the food.

img_2762  img_2795

She had Shopkin cupcakes.


Kookie Cookies


Strawberry Kisses


Poppy Corn




Mini Muffins


Kameron even stopped by for a quick hello.


We got a new mailbox and it doesn’t have our number on it so Autumn made a sign.

img_2802 img_2803

We started off with Shopkins coloring pages.

img_2794 img_2804           

Once everyone got to the house we started the first project.  Mom made candy dishes that we got to decorate with Shopkin stickers and Sharpies.

img_2805 img_2806 img_2807 img_2809

While we worked on that we had a face painter who did Shopkin characters on the kids.


After the candy dishes were done and filled with treats we got to make bracelets with a Shopkin charm or work on a Shopkin Beads project.

img_2811 img_2812 img_2813

Then we played pin the crown on Cupcake Queen.

img_2764 img_2787

img_2814 img_2815 img_2817 img_2821

Do you see Allie in those pictures?!  YUP, she flew out just for Autumn’s party!

Then it was cupcake time!

img_2819  img_2822 img_2824 img_2825

After cupcakes we played Shopkins Bingo.

img_2826 img_2827 img_2830 img_2831

Later after everyone went home Autumn opened her presents.  She got sooooo many Shopkins things it was crazy!

After a soccer game, birthday party, and Chuck E Cheese we needed some down time.  We all headed up to Boulder for some shopping.  The gelato was a yummy treat even after we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!


Birthday breakfast at Original Pancake House.


These were from Friday night birthday dinner with the family.  The adults had taco salad and spanish rice.


This dessert was Trader Joe’s brownies with ice cream.  It’s pretty tricky to put 7 candles in a a drink cup!

img_2835 img_2836 img_2837

Then she got to open MORE presents.  We all got to help a little.

img_2839 img_2840 img_2841 img_2842 img_2843 img_2845  

Halloween fun started at Trunk or Treat at school on October 13th.

This is what Autumn wanted to be.  Mom had to get creative and make her costume.

img_9391  img_9389

A pic with Rylee!


Finley and I.


One afternoon we went to Morgan’s for some pumpkin carving.

img_9512 img_9514 img_9515 img_9516  img_9826

Autumn and Rylee’s finished products!

img_9517 img_9518

Just some bobbing for apples fun.

img_9519 img_9521 img_9524

Finally, Halloween night!  We headed over to Beth’s house for dinner and trick or treating.

img_2756 img_9765 fullsizerender-4

The haul!

img_9762 img_9761 img_2758 img_2757

Miles walked-8.8

The walk into the Magic Kingdom


Our fast pass to the Snow White ride wasn’t active yet so we headed over to Dumbo.  Mom said we had to ride it since the last time we went to LA it was being worked on .

img_2346 img_2347

We saw the evil step sisters but they took a break before we got to take a picture.  While we waited in lines Mom had pipe cleaners for us to play with.


Then the fairy god mother came out!

img_2357 img_2358

We had a fast pass to see Tiana and Rapunzel.  Most of the princesses signed Autumn’s cast

img_2362 img_2364 img_2367 img_2368

Can you pull the sword from the stone?

img_2375 img_2377 img_2381

We also went on It’s a Small World.  That was a ride that wasn’t working in LA.  Look, they said goodbye to us!


Rapunzel’s tower


There was a parade as we were walking to Tommorowland.

img_2384 img_2386 img_2387 img_2389 img_2390 img_2391 img_2394 img_2396

This was from the Enchanted Stories with Belle.  We got to be a character in the story.

img_2399 img_2401 img_2402 img_2403 img_2406


img_2407 img_2409 img_2410

This was the Fantasyland Parade.  So many princesses in one place!

img_2413 img_2415 img_2416 img_2417 img_2418 img_2420 img_2421 img_2422 img_2424 img_2428 img_2430 img_2431 img_2435 img_2437 img_2439 img_2441 img_2442 img_2443 img_2445 img_2447 img_2448 img_2452

Dad took our picture in front of the castle.  Can you see us?


The glass slipper


Elena from Avalor and Cinderella!

img_2456 img_2458 img_2459 img_2460 img_2461


img_2464 img_2466

Driving a car!  Mom said Autumn played bumper cars with the rail in the middle!

 img_9596 img_9599

Captain Jack Sparrow

img_9600 img_9601

We had dinner at Mickey’s Cafe that night.  

img_9603 img_9604 img_9606 img_9609 img_9612 img_9615 img_9618