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This was our last adventure for Atlanta.  It was so much fun and everywhere we looked there were Lego’s waiting for us to play with them!

JTL_0855 JTL_0860

This was the city of Atlanta made from Legos!

JTL_0870 JTL_0875 JTL_0876 JTL_0889 JTL_0891 JTL_0897 JTL_0901 JTL_0904 JTL_0905

We got to build cars and race them on the track.

JTL_0926   JTL_0925 JTL_0946 JTL_0954 JTL_0975 JTL_0976 JTL_0978 JTL_0983 JTL_0985 JTL_0986 JTL_0994 JTL_0997  JTL_1007

This was a ride where we got to shoot the guns at the mean guys to try and save the princess.  Matt did the best, but we had lots of fun.  This was my favorite thing for the whole trip!

JTL_0906JTL_1000JTL_1014 JTL_1196  JTL_1186 JTL_1011   JTL_0919

Let’s build towers!

JTL_1032 JTL_1033 JTL_1034 JTL_1044 JTL_1046 JTL_1048 JTL_1059 JTL_1062 JTL_1068 JTL_1070 JTL_1080 JTL_1082 JTL_1091 JTL_1096

Look at how tall we made it!


Watch out Matt!

JTL_1103 JTL_1104 JTL_1105 JTL_1106  JTL_1137


Movie time!  It was 3-D.  Things almost got us!  Alicia took off my glasses because it was scaring me tooooo much!

JTL_1127   JTL_1142JTL_1144 JTL_1151   JTL_1208 JTL_1214 JTL_1225 JTL_1228 JTL_1229

Checking out the bones and cool playground was the mission for today.  Look at those BIG bones!

JTL_0676 JTL_0678 JTL_0681 JTL_0682 JTL_0684 

Can’t keep us still for long.

JTL_0686 JTL_0689

Uh, I think there’s a T-Rex behind us Ry!

JTL_0693 JTL_0695 JTL_0700

Don’t worry.  I’ll hold your hand and help you across.

JTL_0717 JTL_0718 JTL_0719

Ahoy there matey!

JTL_0721 JTL_0729

Look at all these things to explore.

JTL_0742 JTL_0744 JTL_0749 JTL_0753 JTL_0757 JTL_0763 JTL_0773 JTL_0780 JTL_0789 JTL_0801

Careful, don’t fall in the water with the alligators!

JTL_0806 JTL_0808 JTL_0810 JTL_0811

Row, row, row!

JTL_0813 JTL_0816 JTL_0824 JTL_0825

Wow, this is interesting reading.


T-Rex or us?

JTL_0835 JTL_0846



Day 3 meant the zoo!  There were real panda bears at this zoo.  Alicia had never seen panda bears before!


I went a little nuts when we saw the flamingos!  Well, ok, a lot nuts!


Snack time!

JTL_0176 JTL_0177 JTL_0179 JTL_0193 JTL_0203

Who’s monkeying around?!


Anyone seen big bird?


Hmmmm, what’s in the bucket?

JTL_0232 JTL_0238

This time the stroller was a “No bootie” zone.  Only stuff went in it, not us!

JTL_0254 JTL_0272

Choo, choo!


Wait, Autumn let you hold on to her?  That’s kinda like a hug and Autumn doesn’t do hugs!

JTL_0296 JTL_0298 JTL_0302 JTL_0303

There’s the pandas!

JTL_0318 JTL_0320 JTL_0327

GOATS!  Autumn says brushing the goats was her favorite part.

JTL_0378 JTL_0390 JTL_0398 JTL_0406 JTL_0411

Roars and laughs.

JTL_0431  JTL_0448  JTL_0456

This looks like a negotiation…



Carousels and train rides.  Who can ask for anything more!

JTL_0480 JTL_0500 JTL_0508 JTL_0509 JTL_0511 JTL_0513 JTL_0528 JTL_0529 JTL_0534 JTL_0551 JTL_0556 JTL_0591

Can we take this canon home with us?  Come on guys, lets move it!

JTL_0608 JTL_0609 JTL_0615 JTL_0621

Uh guys, this thing is bolted down.  We have to turn these things over here!

JTL_0625 JTL_0628

Let’s go this way!

JTL_0638 JTL_0642

Ry got a train and we got animals!

JTL_0633  JTL_0647

JTL_0652 JTL_0666