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Miles walked-8.8

The walk into the Magic Kingdom


Our fast pass to the Snow White ride wasn’t active yet so we headed over to Dumbo.  Mom said we had to ride it since the last time we went to LA it was being worked on .

img_2346 img_2347

We saw the evil step sisters but they took a break before we got to take a picture.  While we waited in lines Mom had pipe cleaners for us to play with.


Then the fairy god mother came out!

img_2357 img_2358

We had a fast pass to see Tiana and Rapunzel.  Most of the princesses signed Autumn’s cast

img_2362 img_2364 img_2367 img_2368

Can you pull the sword from the stone?

img_2375 img_2377 img_2381

We also went on It’s a Small World.  That was a ride that wasn’t working in LA.  Look, they said goodbye to us!


Rapunzel’s tower


There was a parade as we were walking to Tommorowland.

img_2384 img_2386 img_2387 img_2389 img_2390 img_2391 img_2394 img_2396

This was from the Enchanted Stories with Belle.  We got to be a character in the story.

img_2399 img_2401 img_2402 img_2403 img_2406


img_2407 img_2409 img_2410

This was the Fantasyland Parade.  So many princesses in one place!

img_2413 img_2415 img_2416 img_2417 img_2418 img_2420 img_2421 img_2422 img_2424 img_2428 img_2430 img_2431 img_2435 img_2437 img_2439 img_2441 img_2442 img_2443 img_2445 img_2447 img_2448 img_2452

Dad took our picture in front of the castle.  Can you see us?


The glass slipper


Elena from Avalor and Cinderella!

img_2456 img_2458 img_2459 img_2460 img_2461


img_2464 img_2466

Driving a car!  Mom said Autumn played bumper cars with the rail in the middle!

 img_9596 img_9599

Captain Jack Sparrow

img_9600 img_9601

We had dinner at Mickey’s Cafe that night.  

img_9603 img_9604 img_9606 img_9609 img_9612 img_9615 img_9618

Miles walked-7.4

For Fall break we headed out to Orlando!  We got to the hotel kinda late so we just got unpacked and relaxed.  Our first park was Universal Studios.  This was where Mom really wanted to go.  She wanted to see the Harry Potter parks.  We started at the Universal Studio’s park and headed straight to King’s Cross.  The train ride was socool!

img_2271 img_2276  img_2275

Just a quick pic at Honeydukes!


Then we headed to Ollivanders.  So many wands!  Autumn and I got to pick a magic wand.  I got a Hermione wand and Autumn picked her birthday wand.

img_2279 img_2280

Broomsticks in the store


We had to have a butterbeer.  We all shared a frozen one-it was yummy

img_2291 img_2288

We weren’t able to go on the castle ride because Autumn wasn’t quite tall enough.  Mom says we’ll go next time.


Practicing our spells along the way.


Then we headed to Seuss Landing


Thing 1 and Thing 2 with the Cat in the Hat!




And a ride on a crazy merry-go-round

img_2300 img_2301

Autumn skipped this ride because there was a chance she could get wet.  She didn’t want her cast to get wet.

img_2308 img_2312

We didn’t do much more at this park.  The other parts didn’t really interest us.  So we headed back to Diagon Alley.  

img_2314 img_2316

We chatted with the Knight Bus driver.

img_2317 img_2318 img_2321

This part was much more crowded and harder to practice our spells.  We had ice cream from Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream parlour and saw the dragon breathe fire.  The line for the Escape from Gringotts line was really long so we went to explore other areas.

img_2322 img_2323

We ran into a daytime parade.

img_2324 img_2326 img_2327 img_2329 img_2331 img_2332

And Megatron!


A ride in the Simpson’s area and a “police” picture for Matt!

  img_9586 img_9590

The minion ride was lots of fun too!


As we headed out of the park we took a picture at the sign and rode a wave in front of a store.

img_2336 img_2342

Mommy headed off to Chicago to watch Allie run in the marathon.  We stayed home with Daddy.  The day they flew out was the 1st game of the division series with the Giants and the Cubs.  Mommy, Diane, Allie, and Kevin went to the game.  First they started with dinner.  Did you know in Chicago they don’t put ketchup on their hot dogs?

img_9400 img_9403 img_9404 img_9408 img_9412 img_9413

They went on a Hop On, Hop Off bus tour of the city.

img_9415 img_9416

They hopped off at Navy Pier.


This was everyone trying to decide what pizza to order.


They ordered the pizza and went for a walk.

img_9423 img_9425 img_9427

A Chicago deep dish, thin crust and caramel/cheese popcorn.

img_9429 img_9431 img_9433 img_9434

Some more sights from the tour.

img_9435 img_9437 img_9472

Portillo’s has a chocolate cake shake.

img_9438 img_9440

Look at the chunks of cake in it!


Here was the chili dog Kevin tried.

img_9441 img_9442

Finally, marathon day!  Here comes Allie!

img_9458 img_9460 img_9466 img_9468 img_9470  img_9474 img_9475 img_9476 img_9481