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This is Autumn at her ballet class.

IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4138

I’m getting ready for my tap and ballet class.

IMG_4145 IMG_4146

Autumn decided that she wanted to cut her hair short.  We talked about it to make sure it was the right choice.  With her new haircut she can brush her hair all by herself and Mommy doesn’t have to fight her to do it and no more tears when brushing!  I think she looks like Rapunzel after she cut her hair.

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Lemonade, get your fresh lemonade. (in the middle of winter)  The kids sold lemonade at work.

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Day 1-Elf went fishing in our toilet.


Day 2-she painted our noses

IMG_3786 IMG_3790

Day 3 was sugar angels


Day 4-she blocked Grandma and Grandpa’s door


Day 5-playing with the Barbies


Day 6-TP the Christmas tree


Day 7-Elf sized donuts


Day 8-message on the mirror


Day 9-playing lego’s with our dumptruck


Day 10-drawing on our pictures


Day 11-eating our popcorn


Day 12-magic seeds

IMG_3848 IMG_3850

Day 13-a little growth


Day 14-Candy Canes!


Christmas gets so crazy that mom doesn’t get to take may pictures.  She got a few while we checked out our stockings though!  When we got up we came out to see our stockings.  Diane was sleeping on the couch so we woke her up first!

IMG_9133 IMG_9134

Look what we found next to her on the table.


This one was by our stockings.

santa 2013

Look at what was in our stockings.


IMG_9135 IMG_9138 IMG_9140 IMG_9142 IMG_9143 IMG_9146 IMG_9147

This is from Autumn’s stocking.


This is from mine.


Then Daddy said we should go check out down in the basement.  This is what was waiting for us.  Uncle Jerry, Uncle Howard, Rosalie, and Ryan bought this for us!

IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9153 IMG_9154

Pretty soon Jeffrey, Cait, Ryland, Other Dawa, and Devon came over and we handed out the presents under the tree.  Look at Autumn’s pile!


Here’s mine!


We got new Ariel banks.  They sing every time you put money inside them.

IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9163

So many presents!  Thank you everyone!

IMG_9164 IMG_9165