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Today we headed to Pearl Harbor.  We’ve been waiting to go there for awhile.  I learned about World War II in school and Autumn read a book about Pearl Harbor so it was a place we wanted visit.  Grandpa and Autumn headed to the Pacific Aviation Museum and Mom, Allie, Kevin and I went to the Battleship Missouri.  That is a BIG ship!

Allie and Kevin re-created the Victory Kiss!

We were waiting for our tour.

This is the spot where the surrender of WWII happened.

If you look at this picture, the table is right where this medallion is.

I peeked up into the gun turret.

The Arizona Memorial is closed because of a crack in the dock.  We were able to see the movie, listen to the audio tour and take a boat ride past it.  

Back at the visitor’s center we listened to the audio tour and viewed more of the memorial park.  This is the Tree of Life sculpture that is also represented on the Arizona Memorial.

After Pearl Harbor we headed into Waikiki.  Mom said that it has changed sooooo much.  She thinks it’s not as nice now with all the big malls and stores.  We went to Duke’s for lunch/dinner.  Apparently Mom and Allie really wanted the Hula pie from there.  You can see how HUGE it was in this picture.  We got our own sundaes.

Can you see Diamond Head in the background?

Allie found a place that was still doing surfing lessons, so we gave it a go!  First, he taught us the steps for standing up.

Then we practiced.

Just before we headed out to the water, we practiced one more time.

That is NOT our teacher.  Mom just took a picture of us paddling out together.

Autumn got up on her first wave and rode it ALL the way into the beach!  It took me 2 tries to get up, but I did it!

While we surfed Mom and Allie watched from the rocks.  Mom took some pictures of crabs that were all over the place.  Kevin usually looks for crabs on rocks but he was watching the Warriors game.





We left Maui early this morning and headed to Oahu.  We had a very busy day planned after we got off the plane.  First we had to meet Manu and Paige at The Pancake House.  Then we were off to the ribbon store to look for ribbon for Allie and Kevin’s wedding.  Next we went to the Hawaiian Chip company to buy taro chips.  Finally, we headed to the rental house.  After we got settled we went to check out the Ko Olina lagoons.  We were so interested in turtles, we decided to be turtles too.

Autumn is pretending to be a sunning turtle splashing sand on herself to stay cool.

Our watchers.

Diane watched from the bench.

Mom and Allie went exploring over the rocks.

Allie was on wave watch while Mom took pictures.  Sometimes Allie forgot to watch the waves.

They saw a fish in a tide pool.  There was a crab that was trying to get it too!

A little crab.

After the beach we met Manu and Paige for dinner at Hot Pot Heaven.  It was a fun place where you pick your broth and all the things you want to put in it!  Autumn was so excited to find “pink stuff”!



Sunday was a pool day.  Grandpa reserved our chairs first thing in the morning.  We had breakfast and then headed down.  Mom had to take Paige and Manu to the airport.  It wasn’t a sad goodbye since we’re going to see them on Tuesday.  Later in the day, Megan and Andrew (Allie’s friend) flew in and came to visit.  We hung out at the pool again and then they went to their own hotel.  We had Paia Fish Market for dinner and stopped at the shops to have Lappert’s ice cream.  

Mom was amazed with Autumn.  When we were at the mall Autumn insisted on going to the “bookstore”.  We figured out that it was this shop that she had bought a book and baby turtle that went with the book, 2 years ago!  She bought the other 5 baby turtles from the book and the man in the store let her have the nest for free!  We even found a necklace for Allie’s wedding!

Today we had a leisurely morning and headed to Ho’okipa to try and see the turtles.  Boy did we see turtles!  Look at all of them sunning on the beach.  They were huge!

This guy was waiting for the next wave to bring him in.

Allie touched the water.

We were guessing that this one was using the sand to stay cool.

We watched this turtle ride the waves onto the beach.

Then he and the turtle next to him decided to have a race.

The wet one won.

We followed the rules and stayed back from the turtles.  Mom was calling some people names under her breathe because they were walking right next to the turtles.

See ya next time Mr. Turtle!

We stopped at the beach at Mama’s Fish House to practice some snorkeling.

Kevin went on his usual search for crabs.

Shortly after this picture Autumn saw a fish smaller than an adult’s pinkie and crawled out of the water, never to return again.

Canoeing on dry land.

Maui suset

Girls getting in one last beach time on Maui.

Autumn turned Kalina into a mermaid.