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Manu and Diane enjoyed their morning coffee from the balcony this morning.  

Today we stayed at the hotel and went to the beach.  Diane even came down for awhile.  Manu and Paige went swimming and Autumn showed them how she can boogie board.

Paige taught her to hold the board like this so that she doesn’t get hit in the face again.

And she’s off!

Here’s she comes.  



After the beach we headed to fudge making class.

First we assembled our boxes.

Then we chose our dry ingredients.

Since Allie used almonds, she had to crush hers.


After the fudge was warmed up, we sprayed our extracts, poured in the dry ingredients, and stirred.

The we poured it into our boxes.



Paiges’ turn

And now Allie

After you made your fudge you had to write down the recipe and name it.

Autumn-banini banoonoo nuts

Kalina-tropical surprise

Allie-brown supreme


When we got home everyone else was working on dinner.

We had BBQ corn, garlic butter bread, scallops, shrimp, and spaghetti!

The sun was setting behind Lanai.




Today the adults wanted to go check out Makawao.  We were to late for the long johns from Komoda’s bakery.  We walked a little and explored, then we headed back to the hotel.  Grandpa and Autumn went down to the beach.  I was a little sunburned so I stayed home.  (Or that’s the excuse I used so I could play on my iPod)   

They worked on a sand castle.

Made Autumn into a mermaid

And went to jump the waves

Then they headed back to the room to take a dip in the pool.

Dinner was left overs.  

We started our day at Kihei Cafe.  It’s one of our favorite places to eat.  Loco moco for me, and honu pancake for Autumn.

Just a little turtle time.

We tried a little basketball with Kevin.


I needed a little help getting close to the basket.

Hawaiian Chips flown in fresh from Oahu.

Dinner is starting.

We bought Manu and Paige their own shrimp with the heads still on!

Maui sunset.