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Even though we’ve been home for awhile there were a few pictures left on the camera that mom needed to put up.  Grandma says she has some to, so maybe we’ll add some of those too.

See all the pretty flowers I collected for my hair.


Uncle Jeffrey bought a ukelele, so I was helping hi learn how to play it.


I took this picture of Jeffrey and Caitlin.  I discovered how to work the camera on this trip.  Mom says she had to delete alot of mine, but this one came out well.  You should concentrate on the people in the background, not the vase in the center!


Here’s Grandma and I relaxing in the chair.


These are at the Kauai Marriott.  We went to lunch at Duke’s, went to see the koi pond, and visited the beach.

dscn1107 dscn1108

Here’s me eating the mud pie at Duke’s-YUM!


Today was “hangout at the house day”.  First I read a book with Grandma, but then she left with Dad to go and play a top 100 golf course.


A little bit after they left Mom realized that they had my carseat and my stroller and they went all the way to the other side of the island.  SO…I had to stay at the house today.  I played with Grandma and Grandpa a lot today.

Hey-Where did Dad go?  i wanted to go too.


Guess I’ll go play.  Here’s my iPhone that Mom put my music on.  Chillin’-

dscn1060 dscn1061

Grandpa took me for a walk to distract me while Mom, Jeff, and Caitlin went shopping.


After I played for awhile Grandpa put me down for a nap.  When I woke up I had lunch and then Mom and them came home.  Then Grandpa took me swimming.

See the bracelet Mom bought for me.  It’s a Hawaiian bangle bracelet.


Here I’m patiently waiting for the rain to stop so we can go in the pool.


Yeah-finally stopped raining and I can go swimming!  I had to wait a whole 4 minutes.

dscn1070 dscn1074 dscn1075 dscn1076 dscn1080

After I helped Grandpa put on his shoes.


Mom took this picture of the flower after it was in the pool for a long time.  There’s also one when it’s still on the tree.

dscn1066 dscn1073

Tonight Grandma and I stayed home while everyone else went to dinner at Roy’s.  I thought I was going to get to go on this island, but I guess not.  Maybe when I’m bigger.