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Today we headed to the Maui Ocean Center to check it out.  Mom had never been there.  We saw all kinds of colorful fish and learned fun stuff.  Mom likes to watch the octopus, so she took a picture even though it wasn’t doing anything.

This was the glow in the dark coral.

There was some juvenille turtles in the turtle area.

Chomp, chomp!


Tiger shark

Black tip

See the giant ray swimming over my head?

Say “TEETH!”

Grandpa bought us the picture together.

After the aquarium, we stopped for shave ice at Ululani’s.  It’s sooooo yummy there.

After our little snack we headed back to the hotel and the BEACH!  

The evening had a bit of excitement.  Mom and Allie were sitting on the bench near the dipping pool.  Diane was sitting on the edge eating her pineapple when they decided to push her in.  Grandma got the whole thing on video!



We finally made it!  We were up at 4:15am to get to the airport.  When we finally landed we had to get our luggage, get our car and then we were off!  To the beach right?!  Nope!  First we went to Home Maid bakery.  We had mocha donuts, fresh malasada’s, chocolate mochi, and peanut butter chocolate mochi.

Next we, went to find our great, great, great aunt’s grave.  She lived to be 99 years old.  Grandma knew where the cemetery was and that we needed to pass 2 trash cans.  After that, we had to find it.

Then we went to Safeway.  We had to get some food to cook, alcohol for the adults, and drinks.

Da Kitchen was next.  We had to wait for Allie and Kevin to get there, but that food was yummy and worth the wait.  We finally headed to the hotel after lunch.

We got settled and off to the beach we went.  Diane watched us from above.

Grandpa watched down below.

We can’t wait to go get some boogie boards.

Now we are headed to the pool!



Slide time-down



Or, down



Dun, duh, dun, duh…oh, it’s a fish!

Pineapples growing on the hotel property.

Just a couple flowers.

It’s girls on a turtle!








This spring Autumn played with the Soccer Sisters again.  She liked her team and had another fun season.  She even played a little goalie.

Her coach did something a little different this season and had girls play the the same positions in multiple games.  Autumn played really well all season and Mom and Dad were really happy with how much she improved.


This was the last game and they were really short on players.  Autumn had to play goalie and they got a goal kick.  She was going the right way to stop it but it was just to far over her head!