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Today was the first day of school.  Here are our obligatory pictures!  Second grade and fourth grade here we come.

IMG_1902 IMG_1898



Summer 2107

Summer fun

Off to go camping with Alicia and Matt

Swim team smiles with Meme, Addie, and Madison

A little swim team art


Hot doggin’ at the pool.

I have no explanation.

Hot fondue!


This is how you remember the order for the IM

Autumn’s theme.

Heading out to golf camp.

Lazy river at Pirate’s Cove

Painting at Arts on Fire

Katie, Madison, and Autumn

Cheering on Ry!

Bagel snack time while I’m at piano.

Madison, Autumn, and I

A day at the pool does this to you.

Cabana time!

Alicia supporting us at a swim meet.  AKA playing with snap chat.

Nails-cause we’re girls!

Tennis camp for Autumn


Aaron’s world series game.




We went to California for a couple weeks this summer.  It was supposed to be a quick weekend Mommy only trip, but those plans changed.  

Autumn got handcuffs on our camping trip with Alicia and Matt. 


Playing Farkle with handcuffs!

Yummy treats.

We headed up to see Mommy’s friend, Mary Beth.  Her pool is awesome!

The adult girls went out to dinner.  Did you eat dinner or only dessert?

We roasted marshmallows and had smores!


Allie ran the SF Marathon, so we went to cheer her on.  We stood at the finish line while Mommy watched her on the app.  The app said she wasn’t done, but ZOOM, she went running by.  That’s why there aren’t any pictures of her finishing!


She made it!


Autumn decided to relive her younger days and play with all the toys at Grandma’s.

We went out to dinner for Allie’s birthday.  We gave her a crown, a pen, and a BIG ring.


Allie wanted ice cream sundae’s instead of cake.


One day after Autumn finished gymnastics camp we went to Capitola for some beach time.  This beach is definately not Hawaii!  Brrrrrr.

Dinner was at Zelda’s.  Grandpa and Mommy got lobster.  Autumn was freaking out because Grandpa’s lobster was looking at her!

Mommy signed Autumn up for gymnastics camp while we were there.  She went to the place Mommy used to work.


One day we met Mommy’s friend and her kids and we painted and had yummy yogurt.

The real reason for the trip to CA was Mommy had tickets to see Hamilton with Allie.  They said it was amazing!

Diane made german pancakes-we were with daddy so we didn’t get any.

Look at those yummy strawberries from the Campbell Farmer’s Market

S’mores pancakes-can’t got wrong there!

Mom promised us cake pops-Ahoy Matey!