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Heidi takes amazing pictures.  She even makes us look like we love each other!  Just kidding-we love each other most of the time.

The pumpkin patch moved to a place right by Auntie Devon so we met them there.  Look, we’re taller than a pumpkin now.


Climbing the haystack

Duck races, feeding a pony, and milking a cow.  Autumn milked the cow single handed while holding her snow cone.


Wrangling up some cattle.

Corn pit with Jack.

Launching pumpkins

Some tire running skills. 

My favorite part-riding a pony!  Autumn likes it, but not as much as me.

Teamwork to walk like bigfoot.

Every year we come we take a picture next to the scarecrow

Barrel swinging takes talent so you don’t fall off or out!

Which way do we go?!

Grandma, Grandpa, and Diane came to visit.  We decided to take a drive to see the Aspens changing color.  We even drove by the casino’s and Diane didn’t jump out of the car!


Kalina exploring

Say cheese!

Where’s Waldo?

A little more scenery.