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I love being a big sister.  I try to be very helpful.  When Autumn cries I stop playing and go and try to help.  I know how to give her the paci, shake the crib, bounce the chair, rock the car seat, turn on the vibrating part and music for the crib, and pat her back.  I like to hold her and give lots of kisses.  I share tea with her and show her how to play with my toys too!  Mom says that I’m a good helper.

IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5774

Mom was taking Autumn’s 4 week old picture and I wanted to take a picture too.


Look at how big my sister is getting.  At 1 month she weighed 9 lbs. and 10 ozs.  That’s more than me when I was 1 month old.  Everyone says she has chubby cheeks.

IMG_5846 IMG_5851

The first week of December was really cold.  I like to go out for walks but every time I asked people would tell me it’s to cold to go outside.  Finally Dad bundled me up and out we went.

IMG_5796 IMG_5798

That weekend we went to see our very first parade.  It was the San Jose Holiday parade in downtown San Jose.  Autumn went to, but she was bundled up and sleeping in the stroller.

IMG_0364 IMG_0367

Mom was trying to get some pictures of me with the “chee”.  After she took a few she noticed my face had chocolate on it.  She said we could try again later!


I decided being a dog would be more fun.


Check out the flying hair!


Right now I am absorbing everything.  I copy and repeat all kids of things.  Here’s an example of what I’ve learned from my little sister and mom.  Mom was on the couch feeding Autumn so I decided I should feed my baby too.  It’s very tricky to hold up your shirt and hold a baby at the same time.

IMG_0368 IMG_0369

After Thanksgiving we went to a party at Pump It Up Jr. with the families from the Mom’s group from when I was little.  It was kinda noisy so I was scared, but after Mom took me on the slide I was ok.  After we played we had cake and got balloons and goody bags.  This is me wearing my crown.



Here’s a video of me going down the slide all by myself.

slide at Pump It Up Jr. from Kimberly Doyle on Vimeo.

One day when Grandma and Grandpa were over I played Lego’s with Grandpa and tried on his glasses.  They were kinda hard to see out of.

IMG_5754 IMG_5757

Grandma made this chocolate cake with only a cake mix and a can of diet Coke.  Most people thought it tasted funny, but I really liked it.  See!