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Uncle Jeffrey told Mom that she needed to help me update my site.  Mom used her same old excuse of being busy-school started and she had lots of work to do to get ready.  Well, here goes.  August 8th was Obon at our church.  That’s where they have dancing and people get all dressed up.  I just wore the same coat as last year because I was still just a little to small for a kimono.  The last picture is Jeffrey and Allie “getting down” with their groovy selves!  The other dancers were much more graceful.

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Here I am watching a 49er pre-season game.  Mom bought me a jersey to help me cheer for them.  I’m learning how to do touchdown.


Just before school started Mom, Dad, and I went to the San Francisco zoo.  I got to feed the goats at the petting zoo.  I liked all the animals, but I didn’t really want to touch them.

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We saw bears, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, lions, tigers, penguins, and lots of other animals.


We also rode the little train around.  That was my first train ride!


That same weekend Mom and I went to a wedding reception for her friend.  We were a little early so we helped them get ready.  I helped put the ice in the big red bin that held the keg.  Later I watched people and figured out how you’re supposed to get beer from the keg.  You put your cup there, put the handle in the cup, and then drink!  (Mom says I forgot one step-push the button so the beer comes out)

img_0279 img_0280 img_0282

Auntie Caitlin and I were playing and I flipped myself over!


Saturday was Dad’s birthday so we gave him his present in the morning, and went to special breakfast at Stacks.  Then we went down to Monterey.  We visited the aquarium for a little bit.  I liked the part where the waves come and splash in the big tank.  I would wait for it and watch it splash everywhere!

dscn1126 dscn1128

This beach and water were much colder than Hawaii!

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The next day I helped Dad wash the car.

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Right after Hawaii, Mom and I went down to SLO for Allie’s 21st birthday and to watch the triathalon.  Mom, Allie, and I went to the children’s museum in SLO.  I really liked playing with the big train.

dscn1111 dscn1112 dscn1113 dscn1114

Little trains were  fun too!

dscn1115 dscn1116

We played with the groceries and the doctor’s office.

dscn1118 dscn1117

And we pretended to be police officers.

dscn1119 dscn1121

Later we met Auntie Diane and Auntie Pony at the Apple Farm Inn.  We found the pool and I splashed around.  Only, Mom didn’t have any extra clothes and mine got ALL wet!


We were meeting Jeffrey and Caitlin downtown for dinner, so Mom called them and asked them to bring me some clothes.  But until they got there, I was running around downtown NAKED!

img_0273 img_0274 img_0275

The next day Allie turned 21.  We had a BBQ at Jeff and Caitlin’s house.  I helped hand out the beers to the big kids.


All the adults went to the bars that night, but I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  They said i couldn’t go this time.  Believe it or not, the next day Allie was on a team to do the triathalon.  She did the swimming part.  Uncle Jeffrey was on a team too, he did the biking, but he wasn’t hung over like Allie or his teammates!