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Today I played with all kinds of people.  Auntie Pony, Auntie Diane, and Kevin all came down from the Bay Area.  Allie was over too.  Grandpa and I went to the park and the coffee shop in the morning, and later Allie, Pony and I went for another walk to the coffee shop, at night I helped cook dinner with Allie and Kevin.

One new thing this trip is Allie learned how to change diapers.  Here’s her doing one of mine!  Peeeeyouuuuu!

Grandma and I held Ryland while his mommy rested.

At night I practiced my marching too.

Ahhh, how cute!

Autumn was napping in Ryland’s crib and Ryland wanted to go to sleep too.  He decided that maybe if he climbed in too, Autumn would move.  Unfortunately his plan didn’t work and Autumn kept on sleeping!

Look at how much bigger Autumn’s hands are and she’s only 3 months older.

After her nap it was kinda hot in the house.  Autumn stripped down to cool off.  Someone put the dog collar around her tummy!

Then she tried to copy Ryland’s eyes.

Aren’t we cute!  We are exactly 3 months apart.  I’m tried to tell him to come out as fast as me, but he didn’t listen.  Now I’m trying to teach him how to drink so he’ll be as chubby as me.

Here’s one more!  We were talking about how to get mom and dad to do whatever you want.


Hey-Uncle Jeffrey…are you changing a diaper?


Thanks dad!