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Last week Mom, Autumn, Grandma, and I went to San Luis to hang out with Auntie Caitlin while Jeffrey was out of town.  Mom took me to get my bangs trimmed and they had a Thomas the Train that you could ride on.  After that ride I kept wanting to go back, but mom wouldn’t let me.


She did take me to Prodpi and let me drive the fork lift.  Only the train moved and the fork lift didn’t!

IMG_0452 IMG_0451

We walked to the park in the complex and I played on the play structure.  We don’t have very many pictures because mom couldn’t watch me and take pictures.  (Plus, she forgot her camera and only had her iPhone)  This was my first ride on a big girl swing (at least with Mom).  That is until I waved my hand to say all done, and then I fell off!  Don’t worry, I wasn’t hurt, and the swing was low to the ground.


Mom and I were playing with my ball and it got stuck in the basketball hoop.  We had to walk home and get a broom to get it down.  I tried to get mom to make it stuck again, but she couldn’t do it.


One of the days it was rainy so we stayed inside.  I like to play with stickers.  I decided that Autumn should play too.

IMG_0446 IMG_0450

When I was about 8 months Allie did this to me.  It must run in the family-the being nice and letting others play with things too.


This is Autumn’s sleeping tent.  I got to sleep with mom on the mattress, but Autumn had to sleep in the tent because Mom said I might squish her with all the rolling around I do.  In the morning I got to play in it too.

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

While we were there I got really good at playing with Tucker.  I can pet him, and I even tried to give him a kiss.  I also know how to tell them to sit now.  Caitlin let me help fill the water bowl and feed them dinner.  Did you know that when dogs drink they leave water all over the floor?  My socks sure got wet when they were home!  Here’s my toy dog eating his dinner.


This picture was in Dec. but Mom likes it.  I was chillaxing in the glider chair!


I’m waiting for San Luis-part 2 to come.  Whenever my new cousin decides to come, we’ll be heading back to SLO to see him.  Check back to see if he’s here yet!

We hope you are having a good start to 2010.  Here’s some pictures from our new years day.  We went to church that morning, I ate mochi, and I ate some strange stuff at Aunty Jane’s house.  Off all the foods I tried, her mandarin orange jello mold was the best!

Here we all are after church.  Uncle Jeffrey has more pictures but he was traveling until last week, so he hasn’t had time to post any.  He better do it soon though because pretty soon he’ll have a baby and won’t have time!


Allie and I were playing and she took my picture in my dress.

DSC00068 DSC00070 DSC00079 DSC00074

Inside the house my mommy, Jeffrey, and Caitlin were doing something on their computers.  Kinda nerdy huh?!


Here’s my cousin on new year’s day.  I can’t wait to meet him!


Here are 2 more pictures comparing Autumn and I.  We are both 8 weeks old in these pictures.  Do we look the same?  Will we look similar as she grows up?  (Mommy just showed this to Dad and he didn’t know who was who-he got it wrong! Grandma Lazo got it wrong too!  1 point for Auntie Diane, Auntie Pony, Auntie Devon, and Grandma Doyle.)

IMG_6059 IMG_1680

Here are 2 more pictures of us.  We are different ages in these, but Autumn was chubbier than me at a younger age!

IMG_1473 IMG_6043