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Vacation time finally came!

Autumn and I made a pinky promise on the plane, but I’m not telling what it was.


We flew out to Boston on Th. and then boarded the ship on Friday.  This was my second cruise, but I don’t really remember the 1st one.  I was only 1.  This was Autumn’s first cruise.  She was excited, but a little nervous about falling overboard.  Grandma and Mommy joked about how she would be carrying her goggles around with her everywhere in case she did fall!  In Boston we ate at the Yankee Lobster Company.


Lots of people had lobster for dinner.  Grandpa got a whole lobster-boy was that messy to eat.  Good thing they gave him a bib!


We got on the ship and spent some time exploring.  First was our room.  We had a family suite so that we could all fit in 1 room.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Diane were right next door.

IMG_0733 IMG_0732 IMG_0734 IMG_0736 IMG_0735

Our room had a fancy coffee maker.  Allie and Mommy weren’t sure how to use it or which spout the coffee would come out of so they put cups under both of them!


Off to see the ship.  First stop, the pool and the ice cream shop by it!  We ate so much ice cream on this trip.  At least 1 everyday.  One day we had ice cream 3 times!  Since we were on vacation Mommy let us have treats and snacks all the time.  Did you know the regular pool is filled with ocean water?!  That was a big surprise for us!_


These are the stairs in the atrium area.  We spent a lot of time here because there were some singers that performed here and we would go to listen.  Also, the coffee shop was here too!


Finally, the adults were done looking at things and we could go swimming!  Autumn says the waterslides were one of her favorite things, even though we only came to this pool once.  This water was warm and not salty!

IMG_6621 IMG_6622

Kevin found us after he got an adult beverage.  That’s him looking at the receipt.


This is him realizing that because they had a drink package, he only had to pay $1 port tax!


Diane found us at the pool too.


This was the boat leaving Boston.


And Mommy trying to take our picture while we we’re leaving.  We didn’t want to get out of the pool and the wind was COLD!


Say cheese!


After a fun time playing, Autumn needed a snack.  We had cupcakes from the Carlo’s Bake Shop, an extension of the business of the Cake Boss!


We had our 1st dinner at the Venetian restaurant.  Our dinners were filled with lots of pizza and mac and cheese.


We rode the ship all day Saturday.  Since Autumn, Daddy, and I slept in, Mommy went on a walk to take some pictures when she woke up.

IMG_0744  IMG_0743

IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0742 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0750

After she walked she stopped at Cagney’s restaurant for a quiet breakfast.  Since we had a suite we could go to this place for breakfast and lunch if we wanted.  This was a steak restaurant, but we didn’t eat there for dinner at all.  This day she had tahitian vanilla french toast with berries.  Other days she had steak and eggs that were super yummy!


Autumn and I went to kids club that morning.

It was a little windy at sea.  Hold on Autumn, don’t blow away!  Look at my crazy hair!

IMG_6631 IMG_6632

Later, we explored the arcade and played games.  That night for dinner we went to Moderno which was a Brazilian steakhouse.  It was super yummy and Daddy’s favorite meal.  He stole the last bite of brown sugar cinnamon grilled pineapple off Mommy’s plate.  Autumn had a little trouble at dinner and didn’t quite make it.


We docked in Bermuda at about lunch time on Sunday.  We got off the boat and walked around the dockyard area.

IMG_0757 IMG_0759

Allie took this picture for Alicia.


Look at these big anchors!

IMG_0764 IMG_0763

We waited semi-patiently while the adults went into ALL of the shops.


Finally we went back to the boat and got our swimsuits on.  We headed to Snorkel Park beach which was right in the dockyard.  We took our snorkel gear to try it out.  Let’s just say that Autumn and I are not fans of seeing fish swim around in the ocean near us!  It was tough for Mommy to get me into the water just to take this picture!


I was searching for shells in the shallow, fishless water.  (at least I thought it was fishless)


Autumn was digging and playing in the sand.  She doesn’t like to get sand on her, so she always squats at the beach!


We ate at Bamboo restaurant.  It definitely wasn’t our favorite.  Then we rushed to see the show that night.  It was super cool.  They did lots of tricks and stuff.  Mom says it was like cirque du soleil.  We went and talked to the performers after the show.


A Bermuda dockyard sunset.


On Monday Mommy, Diane, and Allie went on a jet ski tour.  Mommy said it was super fun and she got to go super fast.  They saw the world’s smallest working drawbridge and stopped at a sunken ship.  When they stopped they fed the fish and Mommy and Allie jumped in.  They were swimming IN the Bermuda Triangle!

IMG_6638 IMG_6637

These are them coming back.  Grandma took pictures of them from our room.

IMG_6675 IMG_6676

When they came back we headed to the pool.  We drank pina colada’s and played so much!  Diane tried her first pina coloda on this trip. This was how Mommy watched us in the pool.

IMG_6639 IMG_6642 IMG_6643 IMG_6644

Grandma hung out in the shade.


Daddy and Kevin went golfing at Mid Ocean golf course.  It’s part of the top 100 world list from Golf Magazine.

That night we ate at Aqua restaurant.  Well, most of us ate dinner.  Daddy ordered the volcano chocolate cake for appetizer, second appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Allie wanted some sunset pictures so we headed up to the deck.  This was Mom’s attempt to get a picture of us being nice together.


Sitting still is not what we do best!


Then we started taking selfies until the sun went down.


Autumn wouldn’t take a picture with Mom, so Mom took one with what she had to work with.


Then she finally rolled over.

IMG_6651  IMG_6653

Silly face!


The family.


Another picture of the dockyard.


Mom learned how to use the Pano button on her phone.


Finally, the sun went down.  Now we could go to the arcade!  Autumn beat Allie, Allie beat Kalina, and Kevin beat Allie at air hockey that night.

IMG_6673 IMG_6655

Tuesday we got off the boat and went adventuring.  We took a bus to Horseshoe beach.  It was a pink sand beach, so it was a place on Mom’s list of things to do.

First thing Autumn and I did was go wave jumping.

IMG_0767 IMG_0773

IMG_0768 IMG_0771

Mommy wanted a picture, we were having to much fun to pose!

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

After a little water time it was time to play in the sand.

IMG_0790 IMG_0791

IMG_0807 IMG_0792


A picture of Allie and Kevin


Mommy and Daddy.


At the beach there was a little cove off to one side.  When Autumn’s suit was full of sand we went over there to rinse off.  I didn’t want to go in the water because there were more fish there, but Mom made me take a picture with Grandpa first.


Kevin went off exploring.


Then he went digging in the rock.


See what he found!


Here are the boring “rocks and water” pictures Mom took.  She was trying to show the pink sand too.

IMG_0784 IMG_0782 IMG_0777

See, I told you there were fish in the water!



IMG_0805 IMG_0803 

Pink sand up close.  It’s the erosion of the coral reefs that make the sand pink.


Then we got back on the bus and went to Hamilton.  That’s a major city in Bermuda.  We had lunch and of course, ice cream!


We took the ferry back from Hamilton to the dockyard.  In the dockyard was the America’s Cup boat.  It’s there to practice for the race.

IMG_0825 IMG_0827

Here’s our ship from the ferry.


Kevin went back to the boat while we went to get a souvenir shirt.  There wasn’t very much shopping time or stores on this trip for us.  See him up there on his balcony?


Mom took a picture of a rock next to our boat.  The water was really that color!


Tuesday night we ate at Blue Lagoon.  The boat left Bermuda that night.  We listened to the singers for country night.  Later we went back for the second performance but Autumn didn’t make that one.


Wednesday was a day at sea.  Autumn went to breakfast with Mommy, Diane, and Grandpa.  I never made it to breakfast with them.  I always slept in with Daddy.


We spent a lot of the day with Allie at the pool.  I worked on my tan with Allie, while Mom and Dad went to explore the bling.  (They found something too!)


Wednesday night we ate at Aqua again.  Most of us anyway.  Allie wasn’t feeling well later in the day, and didn’t show up for dinner.  We left her a note when we were going to the arcade in case she wanted to find us.


She felt better later and showed up to listen to the music and eat a snack at Blue Lagoon.  That night Autumn ate pizza at Aqua and mac and cheese for a second dinner!

Thursday was also a day at sea.  We went to the pool, but it was MUCH colder that day.

Thursday night was dinner at La Cucina.  Allie got to have affogato for dessert, and Grandma got to try it.  Did you know on a cruise you have to put out your suitcases the last night?  That’s weird!

Most nights we had a special towel animal made for us by Alfredo or Gian.  They treated us super special on the cruise.  Everyday we had special snacks, fruit, and treats in our room.  They even put chocolate milk in our room and Grandma’s for us!

IMG_6665 IMG_6664 IMG_6663 IMG_6661 IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6636 IMG_0753

We docked early Friday morning.


Autumn was sitting in the window watching.


One last picture by the pool.


We asked Alfredo to take a picture with us.  He was our cabin steward.


This was Gian.  He was our butler.


We got off the boat and had a looooooong wait at the airport.  Mom says we were great because we never complained!




Autumn had field day at school where she got to do different sport centers.

IMG_0603 IMG_0605 IMG_0620

Time out for some friends!



Dr. M’s lemonade stand.  You had to be a cashier and a server.

IMG_0623 IMG_0624 

Awards ceremony.  Her first medal!

IMG_0635 IMG_0637

What better way to end field day, then with an otter pop!


The final walk to the door of Preschool!  No picture is complete with some Autumntude.

Autumn walking to school Autumn-tude last day Autumn and Mrs Gasson

End of the day ice cream party!


Here Mom, have a bite!

IMG_0643 IMG_0647

Her classmates!

IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652

Snow cone colored tongues with Addy!


The hug that makes her a Kindergartener!

IMG_0662 IMG_0666

We have been having a very wet, rainy, snowy spring.  We finally had a weekend where we could go out.  We went to the zoo and the next day we went golfing.

We like to look at the maps and decide where to go.


One thing we have never done before is feed the birds at the zoo.  You hold the little cup up to them and they drink from it.

IMG_6442 IMG_6443

Hippo sculpture.


And of course, our favorite-the carousel.

IMG_6445 IMG_6446

The next day was cloudy but we still made it out to the club.  I’m getting good enough that Dad says he’ll take me on the big course when it’s empty.  I had a lot of 3 and 4 putts on the par 3!

IMG_6449 IMG_6450 IMG_6452 IMG_6453 IMG_6454

Follow up note-later that week Dad and Grandma and I went out to the course, in the rain, and I got to play holes 1, 8, and 9.  It was my first time on the big course.  I’m so excited to be able to do it again.