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The other day Mom put this dress on Autumn.  Later she was looking for pictures of the cruise we took in April of 2009 and found out that I wore this same dress on that cruise.  She stole a picture from the post Jeffrey made.  I was 16 months, Autumn is 19 months.

We walked to explore a new park.  Most of the pictures are of Autumn because I was to busy on the swings to do anything else.

See us on the big kid swings.  We don’t get to go as high as on the baby swings because we might fall off.

I think Autumn likes the slides best.  She goes down the slides over and over again.

See how she can climb up all by herself.

My turn!

This was us in the rain.



Last weekend we went to Grandma’s to go swimming in her pool.  We love to play at Grandma’s pool!

Watch me jump in

A nice refreshing drink after lots of swimming.

Two weekends ago we went to Breckenridge.  Mom had a work retreat and we got to go along.  Alicia went too, so we got to have adventures with her while Mom, Jeff, and Caitlin had to work.  We played in the house, went for hikes, and one day, when it stopped raining we went out in the yard and picked flowers.

See how well we can play together.

If you pick the flowers we can put them in the pan!

See my bouquet!

This is my bride pose.

On one of our adventures we found this train parked.  We all LOVE trains!  Alicia tried to take a picture of all of us, but that is practically impossible!  The rest of these pictures were all taken by Alicia.  Doesn’t she do a good job?!

Let’s go touch the train.

Another attempt at a group picture.

Smile Ryland

Smile Kalina

Smile Autumn-hey, that’s not a nice smile

Ring Around The Rosey

Our last adventure was on the way home.  Mom and everyone else went on a bike ride from Vail to Frisco, so Alicia packed us up and we went to a very cool place.  Mom can’t remember the name of it, but we had lots more fun than them on bikes!

Follow me guys!

Do you see that? It’s called a squirrel, and we got to feed them sunflower seeds.  Alicia bought some at the store, but a nice man gave us some to use too!

Here little squirrel, come get the food from us!

Here Ryland, you try by yourself.

Here, let me just pour out the bag for you.

Autumn you try.

Smile for Alicia.

Did we drop some on the ground?

Clean up and put it back up on the wall!

Look at that view guys!

That silly Alicia is trying to take our picture all together again.  You’d think after all these years with kids she’d have given up.  By the way, don’t those strangers know that Autumn doesn’t smile for strangers, so they really aren’t helping Alicia take a nice picture!

Ok, now we have to go back UP the hill!  Are you coming Ry?

Here I come.

Me too!

Me three!

We stopped to play at the playground.  Autumn went first, and I looked down and said “nope” then turned around and went down the stairs.

THIS is why-it was super fast!

The babies like to swing.  It’s funny how they both hold on the same way.  No one taught them to do that!

Turn the wheel faster and faster!

Autumn, you look so serious.  A slide is fun!

Let’s play in here.

We even got to go down to the “beach”.  Boy was it windy!

We had an exciting weekend.  It’s to bad the adults had to work so much, so they could’ve had all the fun we did!