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Last weekend we went to Heritage Square.  I got to ride on banana’s, a carousel, a train roller coaster, and a balloon ride.

Daddy went with me on lots of rides.  The mana’s were my favorite, but Daddy didn’t fit inside very well.  The mana’s went up and down, but Daddy said he was to heavy to make it move very fast.

This train ride was REALLY bumpy, but it was fun!

Here’s the carousel for little kids.  We didn’t want to ride on the horses, but the ride was fun.

Autumn on the horse was a trick.  She didn’t really ride on it, we just took a picture when the ride was over.

This is the big train ride that goes around the park.

After the balloon ride we had to sit in the shade and rest.  Daddy wasn’t feeling well, so the “girls” went to find some ice cream.

The last part of the day was going on the Alpine slide.  Mom and I rode a chair lift up to the top of a big hill.  Then we got on a plastic sled to ride down.  There was a handle that you could push to go and pull to stop.  I liked that ride!

We went to the circus on the 18th!  At the circus they have animals and rides and a BIG tent to watch a show inside.  Mom got tickets that were right in the front and we could see everything!  Mom, Dad, Autumn, Ryland, Jeff, and Caitlin all went with me.  I saw small horses, a camel, goats, and ELEPHANTS!  Mommy, Daddy, Autumn and I rode on an elephant too!  During the show there were people who were swinging on bars, clowns, dogs, people throwing things, and dancing elephants.  I had sooooo much fun and the babies watched the stuff too.

Mom says she’s waiting for me to be interested in potty training.  I only tell other people when I have to go-not Mommy or Daddy.  I’ve gone for the temp nanny, Jackie at work, and even Alicia ; )  When I’m at home and I go on the potty, I get to wear big girl panties.  Wanna see?

In these pictures I decided that Mom’s socks were going to be my new shoes!