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It was one of the last snows for the spring.  Grandpa helped us build a snowman.

IMG_9227 IMG_9228 IMG_9229 IMG_9230 IMG_9231 IMG_9232 IMG_9233 IMG_9234 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_9237 IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9241 IMG_9242 IMG_9243 IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9246 IMG_9247

We had a work trip to Phoenix in January.  Yes, it’s April.  It took awhile for Alicia to give the pictures to Auntie Cait and then for Mom to get them from Aunty Cait, and then for Mom to put them up.  These adults kinda work slow sometimes!  When we were in Phoenix we had all kinds of fun adventures.

This was Imagination Avenue.  We got to dress up and pretend to do all kinds of things!  Dr. Autumn is checking out Ryland.

IMG_8764-2 IMG_8770-2 IMG_8771-2 IMG_8796-2

Time for some ‘struction work!

IMG_8805-2 IMG_8814-2 IMG_8818-2





IMG_8822-2 IMG_8825-2 IMG_8829-2

Grocery shopping anyone?

IMG_8832-2 IMG_8835-2 IMG_8839-2

Traffic in Phoenix too.

IMG_8841-2 IMG_8844-2 IMG_8849-2 IMG_8856-2 IMG_8861-2 IMG_8864-2

Time to play house.

IMG_8874-2 IMG_8882-2 IMG_8890-2

Lunch break!


That was quick!  Back to more playing.

IMG_8901-2 IMG_8903-2

Dr. Kalina, help!  We ate our lunch toooooo fast!

IMG_8922-2 IMG_8932-2 IMG_8933-2 IMG_8935-2 IMG_8939-2 IMG_8940-2 IMG_8944-2

Another adventure was to Enchanted Island Amusement Park.  We are waiting for them to open!



IMG_8952-2 IMG_8953-2 IMG_8954-2 IMG_8955-2 IMG_8958-2 IMG_8959-2 IMG_8962-2

Beep beep

IMG_8965-2 IMG_8973-2

Roller coasterm airplanes, and space ships!

IMG_8983-2 IMG_8984-2 IMG_8986-2 IMG_9000-2 IMG_9006-2 IMG_9033-2

Bumper boats!  (It took us awhile to figure out we are SUPPOSED to hit each other)


Watch out for the monster in waders!

IMG_9049-2 IMG_9063-2 IMG_9064-2 IMG_9069-2

More rides.

IMG_9075-2 IMG_9076-2 IMG_9077-2 IMG_9079-2 IMG_9083-2 IMG_9104-2 IMG_9105-2 IMG_9108-2 IMG_9109-2 IMG_9111-2 IMG_9120-2

Ugghh, tea cups make the adults dizzy, but not us!



IMG_9130-2 IMG_9132-2 IMG_9143-2 IMG_9147-2

Children’s Museum was way cool too.

IMG_9158-2 IMG_9159-2 IMG_9165-2 IMG_9166-2 IMG_9169-2 IMG_9178-2 IMG_9180-2 IMG_9187-2 IMG_9191-2 IMG_9192-2 IMG_9193-2 IMG_9196-2 IMG_9200-2 IMG_9204-2 IMG_9205-2 IMG_9207-2 IMG_9213-2 IMG_9215-2 IMG_9225-2 IMG_9228-2 IMG_9233-2 IMG_9239-2 IMG_9244-2 IMG_9245-2 IMG_9248-2 IMG_9251-2 IMG_9252-2 IMG_9256-2 IMG_9259-2 IMG_9261-2 IMG_9265-2 IMG_9268-2 IMG_9275-2 IMG_9278-2 IMG_9282-2 IMG_9284-2 IMG_9288-2 IMG_9292-2 IMG_9295-2 IMG_9298-2 IMG_9305-2 IMG_9307-2 IMG_9308-2 IMG_9313-2 IMG_9314-2 IMG_9318-2 IMG_9321-2 IMG_9324-2 IMG_9325-2

A little park time and fresh air.

IMG_9335-2 IMG_9342-2 IMG_9349-2 IMG_9351-2 IMG_9361-2 IMG_9365-2 IMG_9369-2 IMG_9372-2 IMG_9383-2

One night we went to Old Town Scottsdale for dinner and dessert.  Autumn wanted a picture with the cowboy.


Then it was time for dessert!

IMG_4166 IMG_4167 IMG_4168 IMG_4169

This is Autumn at her ballet class.

IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4138

I’m getting ready for my tap and ballet class.

IMG_4145 IMG_4146

Autumn decided that she wanted to cut her hair short.  We talked about it to make sure it was the right choice.  With her new haircut she can brush her hair all by herself and Mommy doesn’t have to fight her to do it and no more tears when brushing!  I think she looks like Rapunzel after she cut her hair.

IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240 IMG_4241 IMG_4243

Lemonade, get your fresh lemonade. (in the middle of winter)  The kids sold lemonade at work.

IMG_4282 IMG_4284 IMG_4286 IMG_4287 IMG_4288