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Yesterday we got very early and headed up to the mountains.  Our first stop was Glenwood Springs.  It was the strawberry festival this weekend.  We got there before the parade started so we played on the playground for a little bit.  Then we found a tatoo guy so we both got unicorns.  I got 2 because the man made a mistake on my first one.

Here’s Autumn’s.

Autumn can have a little attitude sometimes.

These are mine.


When we were watching the parade a nice man gave us each a flag.  (Actually he gave Autumn one, so Dad and I went walking to get one from him while mom took these pictures)


Got one!

We saw fire engines, police cars, the Army band, strawberry princesses, and lots of kids.  After awhile we decided to go look at the shops.


We saw these halo’s and Dad said we could have one.  I chose the rainbow one.  Autumn chose the blue one, and when the lady asked if she wanted blue and white or blue and orange, she chose orange.  Mom says we have to work on teaching Autumn the right colors to choose.  (Red and Gold)



A picture with Grandma and Grandpa

After the shops we headed over to see if the train was working yet.  It was!  I wanted the pink one and Autumn wanted the blue one.


Even though it was the strawberry festival, there weren’t very many strawberry things.  Before we left we found a strawberry booth though.  First we had strawberry kabobs with some chocolate and sprinkles.


Then I was still hungry so I had a strawberry shortcake.  Now that’s a yummy treat!

While I was in the potty Grandma gave Autumn a lifesaver.  She’s never had one and had to check it out.

Once she finally put it in her mouth she liked it until she chewed it up.  Then she spit it out because she didn’t like all the little pieces in her mouth.

After Glenwood Springs we decided to drive up to Aspen.  Grandma and Grandpa hadn’t been there and rather than ride the little tram in Glenwood Springs we were going to ride the gondola in Aspen.  First we went to  a park to play. I’m working on being brave and trying new things.


We went exploring near a stream.  Grandpa threw big rocks and splashed us and we threw little rocks.  Under one we found a worm.  Grandpa put it in the stream to see if it could swim.  Autumn poked it with a stick.  I didn’t want to touch it-Yuck!


We had lunch at Boogie’s (not boogers), then we headed up the mountain.  Did you know that at the top of the gondola ride you are 11,212ft high?!  Once on the way up it stopped and we were REALLY high off the ground.  On the way down it stopped and was blowing in wind.  SCARY!!!  The whole thing made Daddy seasick.

On the way up Autumn was giving love to everyone.  If you know Autumn-that doesn’t happen very often!


These are some of the view from the top.


There were also gigantic hula hoops (AKA hoo hoo hoops) to play with.


Hopping through the hoops


We headed back down and to the car.  We had a long drive home and it was a busy day!


Back in May we went to the dinosaur show.  After we went to eat and we found this statue to take a picture with.


This was Autumn finishing a potty chart and getting a rocket ship prize.

A couple of weeks ago Ryland stayed over at our house one night and we all went to the pool to play.


When we are done swimming Mom always puts on our swim cover ups on us.  She kinda forgot that boys don’t have swim cover ups so Ry went home in his pull up!

We had quiet time in Mom and Dad’s bed and watched a show before bedtime.

This was last Friday.  We went to Costco to buy things for a work picnic.  When we finished shopping we stopped and had lunch.  Autumn and I shared a hot dog and a drink.

One morning Autumn decided to go for an early morning bike ride. (so early she forgot to get dressed!)


Grandma made bubble snake blowers.


When the workers went on a hike we stayed with Grandma, Jackie, and Mom.  We were hiding from Jackie.  Do you think she knew where we were?

Found us!


Yesterday we met Jeff, Caitlin, and Ryland at a special show called Discovering the Dinosaurs.  Before we went we were very excited to see the dinosaurs.  Mom reminded us that they are all pretend and that they have motors that make them move.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing Jeffrey was there to help because the room was dark and noisy with roaring dinosaurs.  I didn’t make it inside the room before I was scared and crying a little.  That made Autumn scared and she needed Mom to carry her.  After a little while we got not scared and walked by ourselves.

These are some of the dinosaurs we saw.


This table had just their heads.

There was a place to dig for bones with brushes.


We got to color dinosaur pictures.


This is where we got to play on the blow up toys for 10 minutes.  Before you could go in, you had to wait your turn.


After the dinosaur place we tried a crepe place in downtown Denver.  I had a strawberry, blueberry one with chocolate sauce, Autumn had ham (no crepe) and Mom had one with tomatoes and mozzarella.