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From tank tops and shorts to long pants, jackets, and SNOW!

The next weekend we went to Aspen.  We stayed at a place in town and some of us had lots of fun.  Friday we left after school and when we got there we got on our jackets and loaded up in the stroller for a walk in town.  We had dinner at Boogie’s and played at a little playground.  By that night Autumn had a little fever.

When we woke up Saturday there was a little snow falling so everything got a dusting of snow.  Most of it melted by mid afternoon when the sun was shining.  From our balcony you could see a lift up the mountain.

Saturday we got up and went to breakfast at a place called Poppycock’s.  Autumn was getting whiny so we went back home.  Dad and I headed out to a different park by the river while Autumn took a nap.  After we played at the park we explored the town and got sandwiches at the deli.  We brought the sandwiches back to Mom and Autumn.  Later Dad and I went back out to play again and explore some more of Aspen.  This time we brought back italian food for dinner.  That night we read books with Daddy and got to have some hot chocolate!

While we were out exploring Autumn did a lot of resting and some coloring.

She must not have been feeling well because she even snuggled with Mommy-and she NEVER sits still!

Sunday we got up and packed up to go.  We decided that we’d show Mom and Autumn our fun park we found.  Autumn didn’t really feel like playing though.

This was across the street from the park.

This was a hideout for my leaves.

This bridge was really wobbly, but I could do it!

Remember I said that we went exploring?  Well, we really did explore-see.

A few more minutes on the playground and then we had to go because Autumn was cranky.

This drive to the mountains Dad wanted to go on a different road.  We drove over Independence Pass.  Towards the top there was lots of snow already.  At the top you could stop and walk to a look out.

See that man by the car?  He was riding a unicycle up the mountain.  It turns out this September he rode his unicycle to the top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, this summer he also rode every pass that crossed the Continental Divide in CO.

Making a snowball

Walking to the lookout

Pretty picture

See the lookout?

Well, we never actually made it all the way there because from where mom is standing is when I decided I had to go potty.  Mom snapped a few quick pictures and then we hurried down the path so I could go!

These were a few pictures she took driving down.  We don’t know what is what in these pictures, but Dad says that some of those peaks are part of the Collegiate Peaks, the tallest ones in Colorado.


Last weekend we took a trip out to Heritage Square.  We went last year, but this time Autumn was big enough to ride on the rides.  We all got to go on the Alpine slide too!

Riding on the Merry-Go-Round

Riding the banana’s. Mine stayed down the whole time, but Autumn made hers go up and down, and up and down!

This is the hot air balloon ride.

Autumn didn’t really like this ride or the train.  the train was to bumpy for her.

Then we went on the swans.  (That’s Daddy’s booty!)  He did all the pedaling.  We just went along for the ride.

Since we were all on the slide we couldn’t take any pictures, but after the ride we had a treat!

My silly sister copies everything I do!

Stripping for the camera?

Copycat #2

There was a wooden toy store there.  We each got to pick a plane to take home.


For Mommy’s birthday weekend the girls’ flew out to California to hang out.  We got to see Pony and Diane lots of times and do fun stuff everyday.  We got there Thursday night and when we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house Diane and Pony were already there.  We started off the trip with cupcakes that night!

On Friday we went to visit friends at Mommy’s school, had lunch with Diane, and then went to the other side of the bay to visit great grandma.  That night Mommy went to spend some time with some other friends and we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.

Saturday we woke up and headed up to San Mateo.  First we went to this HUGE toy store.  We got to walk all around, play with toys and find something to buy.  We got a book and a ball each.  Autumn chose a train and I chose a puzzle.  Then we got sandwiches and headed to the park for lunch.

See me…I’m almost to the top of the really tall slide!

After the slides Grandpa showed us how to walk on the beam.  Put your arms out like this to stay on.

After the park we went to Baskin and Robbins to have ice cream (before dinner!) and then the store to buy stuff for dinner.  Pony made us yummy spaghetti!  We had our own special little table and chairs to sit at.

On Sunday we headed down to Monterey.  We were going to meet Allie there since she couldn’t come all the way home to see us.  First we went to the aquarium.  They have soooooo many fish in that place!  We headed to the giant aquarium, but first you have to go through the room with all the jellyfish.

See the humongous sun fish and the hammer head?

Here’s a big school of fish.

This is the great white that they had.

These turtles were in their own tank.

This bird was talking to Pony.

Next we went to the play area for kids.

With this exhibit you can see how tall you are compared to a whale.  Last time we went Mom had to prop Autumn up because she didn’t stand yet.

See how tall Autumn is.

Here’s Diane

And here’s Grandma!

Autumn was feeding the different whales with the right kind of food.

We were trying to catch whale food.

You could also do picture rubbings.

These displays showed you how the animals talk.

Autumn had on her whale fins and was practicing her swimming.

Diane and Pony were looking for seals and sea otters out in the water.  Diane thought she saw one, but it was only a big rock!

Here’s more of the aquarium.

This was a place you could see what the tides do and play in the water.

Here you can touch sea animals.

A few pictures with Allie.

After the aquarium we ate lunch, explored the candy store and then loaded up the car for a drive (and nap).  We drove down the coast and around Carmel-By-The-Sea.  We got a little bit of a nap in before we walked around Carmel.  After Carmel we went to Spanish Bay for Mommy’s birthday dinner at Roy’s. We got to play on the grass a bit before it was time to eat.

After dinner they brought out a dessert for Mommy and we sang her happy birthday and helped blow out the candles.

I guess her dessert was good!

This dessert sure was yummy!

Monday was busy, but it was more for Mommy than us.  First we got up and met Michelle and Jen at the Santa Clara gym to say hello, then we drove over to Sarah’s house to say hello, then we drove to the Malone gym for Open Gym.  That was fun because Autumn was to small to ever to all the fun gymnastics stuff before we moved.  We also got to see Christopher, Anne, and Dave.  After that we drove to Foster City to have turkey dinner and see uncle Howard.  While we were waiting for dinner, Mom made a quick run to Trader Joe’s to buy a few things.