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Just found!  There are more pictures from Christmas-they were hiding on Dad’s camera!

Christmas eve we put out milk and cookies for Santa.  He had more, but than I ate one, and so did Autumn!


Hey?!  Where’d they go?

Oh well, guess santa ate them!  Let see what her left!

Hula hoops or hu hu hoop if you ask Autumn.


Let’s go show Grandma and Grandpa!

A scooter!


A Basketball hoop!


Now let’s check out the stockings.


Daddy open my M&M’s for a morning snack please.


Look at all this stuff!


What do you think these are Autumn?


If we blow them they make loud duck quacking noises!


Hmmm…Santa bag too?


Where are we?


In a castle!


Going for a spin!

The first big tradeshow of 2012 is Imaging USA.  It was in New Orleans this year, so we all packed up and headed south.  (Well, almost all-Daddy went east to see Auntie Devon, and a little south to golf in Oklahoma)  Mom, Autumn, Jeff, Cait, Ryland, Grandma, Alicia, Matt, and I flew to NOLA.  This was the train ride at the airport.

While Mom and them worked, us kids got to see the more interesting parts.  We went to a park, the Zoo, Children’s museum, and on a boat trip across the Mississippi.  At night we explored the French Quarter and walked on Bourbon St.  Let me tell you, the French quarter was a weird place!  One night there were people EVERYWHERE acting veeeerrrry funny.  (must’ve been becasue the Saints lost to the Niners)  We walked in the middle of the street and saw people wearing all kinds of beads, hats, and masks.  It seems like we ate at restaurants all the time and Mom tried all kinds of new foods.




Autumn “eating” hers really meant she made tracks int he powdered sugar as she licked her fingers.


Avocado, crab and brie omlet

Cafe Du Monde for cafe au lait and another beignet


Mom also had a “special” at an italian restaurant where the pasta sauce was spicy and had crawfish, crawfish etoufee, and red beans and rice.

Here’s a picture of a bridge going over the Mississippi river.  (we drove on it to get to the Best Buy)

The last day we went back to the French Quarter during the day.  We saw a mime, musicians playing on the sidewalk and beautiful decorations.

Next trip-California and then onto Las Vegas for WPPI.  This year, I won’t pee on the balcony!

For Christmas eve we went to Ry Guy’s house.  Auntie Cait made her yummy chicken curry.  This year we were big enough to do special projects.  We made reindeers and beaded snowflakes.  Auntie Cait had to drink all the rootbeer because Jeffrey said it made him burp!

You had to use the special hot glue to make these!


Then we made the snowflakes.  You had to put the small beads on the pipe cleaners.


Mom says busy hands means quite mouths.  Wonder why she’d want that?



Kalina wanted hers to be a rainbow.


Ry and Autumn played with his advent calendar while I finished my snowflake.

Then we read a book together.


Christmas eve picture!

We got to open a couple little gifts.


We got search and find books!


We got bubber too.  It’s a weird thing kinda like play-doh, but it never dries out.


We went home and got our treats ready for Santa.

Milk and cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer.