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It has been a fun week.  My Grandma Doyle and Auntie Devon have been visiting.  We have done lots of things together.

Sometimes I just like to hang out with Autumn.  Can I have a paci too?


When some mom’s make sweets the kids get to lick the spoon.  I like to lick peanut butter off a spoon.

IMG_5928 IMG_5929

Here’s Autumn sleeping in her reindeer outfit.


Mom and I made cookie cutter cookies together.  When Auntie Devon came out we decorated them together.  Everyone says they are yummy, so mom has to make some more when she has time.

IMG_5942 IMG_5941 IMG_5938 IMG_5940

On Christmas Eve we all went down to Christmas in the Park.  There were so many trees and lights and things to see.  I got a little overwhelmed, but it was still fun.  I even got to ride the merry go round that was there.

IMG_5948 IMG_5947 IMG_5952

That night we put on our matching PJ’s and went to sleep to wait and see what this Christmas stuff is all about.


I’m not quite sure what Christmas is.  Mom and I took some toys to the fire station for kids who don’t have lots of toys, we have a pretty tree, and there are lights all around the neighborhood.  I’m sure I’ll find out soon all about Christmas.  Here’s our tree this year.


I love being a big sister.  I try to be very helpful.  When Autumn cries I stop playing and go and try to help.  I know how to give her the paci, shake the crib, bounce the chair, rock the car seat, turn on the vibrating part and music for the crib, and pat her back.  I like to hold her and give lots of kisses.  I share tea with her and show her how to play with my toys too!  Mom says that I’m a good helper.

IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5774

Mom was taking Autumn’s 4 week old picture and I wanted to take a picture too.


Look at how big my sister is getting.  At 1 month she weighed 9 lbs. and 10 ozs.  That’s more than me when I was 1 month old.  Everyone says she has chubby cheeks.

IMG_5846 IMG_5851

Mom says that since I’m bigger I get to write on the website until Autumn gets a little older.  Autumn had to use a biliblanket for a week since she was jaundice.  I was jaundice too when I was first born, but I had to go into the NICU.  Autumn got to do her treatment at home.  She had to be naked except her diaper and had this blue light pad strapped to her back.  Mom and Dad say it was a pain because the cord from the box to the pad was short so you couldn’t move around if you were holding Autumn, the paper cover for the pad kept tearing and moving into the wrong place, and at night the blue light was really bright and made it hard for Mom to feed Autumn.  Mom kept telling herself-at least she’s at home and not in the hospital.  I made sure that whenever we moved the box upstairs that everything was plugged in. Here is Autumn sitting in her chair with her biliblanket and you can see the blue light on her foot.

IMG_5708 IMG_5710

While Dad took me to the park, Mom gave Autumn a sponge bath.  She didn’t really like it very much.  I’ll have to show her how much fun it is playing in the water.  Mom says I didn’t like the bath at first either.

IMG_5714 IMG_5715 IMG_5717

Last weekend Grandma Doyle came out to meet Autumn.  We had lots of fun.  She played with both of us, but mostly me since Autumn isn’t big enough to play yet.

IMG_5731 IMG_5733

Here are some other pictures Mom took.

IMG_5705 IMG_5707 IMG_5724 IMG_5726 IMG_5738 IMG_5741 IMG_5749