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In the past Mom has baked cookies with Grandma, Pony, and Diane but since they live far away she did cookies with some friends from work.  I helped for a little bit, but then I went to play with Grandpa outside.  We worked on more Christmas lights and the blow up penguins and reindeer.  Autumn stayed with Dad in his room most of the day.

My first job was to unwrap the chocolate kisses they needed.

Hmm, what is Leslie drinking?  Pink juice in a fancy glass?  What is a pomegranate mimosa?!

Hey, why are all the girls drinking those and mine is ginger ale?

Jackie what are your making with your dough?

Sarah is working hard on her chocolate cookies.

Everyone is working hard on their recipes.  There was baking ingredients, measuring tools, mixers, bowls, and pans everywhere in the kitchen!


Mom made breakfast, but didn’t take pictures of that.  Here were some snacks though.  Crackers with roasted red pepper dip.

Spinach dip with bread.

Brie crackers with sugared cranberries.

There’s that pink bubbly drink again!

Sue made me a unicorn with her cookie dough.

Sarah’s cookies are almost ready for the oven.

Why are the 2 different mixing machines next to her and Krystal is using her hands?

Leslie made a peppermint candy.  Jacquelyn and Tara helped her.


Don’t they look like fun to make?

Everyone took turns making things with Sue’s cookie dough.  I wonder what Sarah is making?

After most people made a batch of cookies they took a break from baking and made wreaths.


See the finished ones, didn’t they turn out pretty?



Krystal, where are the other 2 bottles you guys drank?

Time to decorate the gingerbread cookies.

First up, a lady elf with heels and …

Next,  a normal elf, a bikini clad elf, a reindeer, and and faceless angel

Now a nerd bear and turkey.  Is the turkey being killed for dinner?

Check out the snowman with a corncob pipe.

This lucky lady had a french manicure.

Have you ever seen a pirate elf gingerbread cookie?

Or maybe a vampire gingerbread man.

And they say kids are crazy!

Here’s the cookie table part way through the day.

Peppermint candies


Chocolate peppermint

Sue’s secret family recipe (AKA, I don’t know the name)


Chocolate chip


White chocolate chip with nuts

Mint crinkles

Peanut butter kisses

Spritz cookies

The girls all had fun, the house smelled yummy, and there were treats to eat all day!




Last weekend we went to a place called Holly Acres to get our Christmas tree.  First we visited with Santa.  This was as close as Autumn got.

I sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a rainbow unicorn and then I went back to see him and asked for a black and white pony.


When Ry got there he didn’t really want to see Santa either, but he went to look in his bag.

They had yard decorations-we saw pigs, frogs, and dogs.

Then we went to the craft area.  We made a picture frame and decorated a bag.  Then we went on a hay ride.  While we did all these things Mom and Dad found a tree.


We even got to get our face painted.  I got a reindeer and snowflake, and Autumn was a snow princess.


The best part was riding the ponies.  We had to wait a LONG time because the pony man wasn’t even set up.  But we finally got to go on.


A couple of weekends ago we went to visit Sonny and Boone.  Mom picked up some carrots to give them.  It was lots of fun!  We even had some friendly sister time.



After we had some time with Sonny and Boone we went to the playground.






Walking poles




Sister sliding