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Last weekend we drove a LONG time and went to face mountain.  Diane, both Grandma’s, Grandpa, Jeff, Caitlin, Ryland, Mom, Dad, and us.  It was still snowing when we got there.  Luckily it stopped the next day and was just cold.

We stayed at Creekside Lodge.  In the lobby there was a fireplace and couches so we sat there after dinner and relaxed.


Diane had all the kids fanning her with brochures.

I guess relaxing in this family means using your phone or computer.  Well, everyone but other grandma.  Her phone didn’t work there.


Have you ever seen face mountain?


That’s Diane at Mt Rushmore.

Diane and Mom were taking a picture, but we snuck in too.


We walked to the end of the walkway.  Grandpa was looking at how high up they were.

This was a picture of Mt. Rushmore taken a little bit closer.



There was lots of snow to play with while the adults looked at the faces.


Hmmmm, who can we get?  That’s a pretty good target.

Let’s try for Auntie Cait


Maybe Grandma!

Maaaaybe, Daddy isn’t a good person to try and get.


Or Diane?

Daddy and Grandma.

We headed to the gift shop to warm up and find some souvenirs.

Autumn chose a tractor.  I chose an elk.

After Mt Rushmore we went to see Crazy Horse.  Autumn fell asleep and stayed in the car.  I went inside to see what this place was all about.


There was lots of things decorated with beads.

Here’s a canoe.

This is Crazy Horse.  You can see his head and the big flat area is where his arm will be pointing.  The white lines are the horse head.

We were going to drive on Needles road, but it was closed because of the snow.  We turned around at this lake.

On our way back to the hotel we took the Wildlife Loop Road to get there. Doesn’t this look like it has 2 heads?

Where these deer?

A little farther up were the bison.  Can you see them?

These are a little easier to see.

They were right next to the road! Diane was taking a walk when this one decided to stand up.

Sp she decided it was time to walk back.

Everyone was standing around looking.


This was a momma and her baby.

We got back in the car and this bison decided he was going to cross the road.  He was kind of running towards the car.

After he crossed the road, Mommy took his picture.


Next we saw donkeys or burrows.  We don’t know which they are.


Another deer by the road.

When we got back to the hotel there were turkeys walking around and these goats on the patio.

The kids “tiptoes” out to see this one.


Then he ran away!  We saw turkeys and squirrels, and prairie dogs too!  Even though we drove ALOT, we had fun.






Grandma and Diane came to dirt house on Wednesday.  She had our mermaids costumes and leotards for gymnastics.  After we showed dirt house to Diane we got to try them on.  First, the mermaid costumes!

See all the sparkles?  Grandma sewed them on!


Hey!  Where’d the sparkles go?  Grandma, you need to fix this side!

It’s twisted but that’s ok!

Say “Ariel!”


Now for our leo’s.  Grandma bought these in California.  If we liked our gymnastics class, we got to try them on.  Mine is the zebra stripes and Autumn get to be Autumn Angel instead of Autumn Monster.


Thursday after school we got to decorate the pumpkins we got last weekend.  Since it’s still to early to carve them, Mom let us glue and glitter them!  That was lots of fun!

Diane hasn’t had much practice monitoring a 2 year old at crafts.  She accidentally opened the glitter jar all the way.  White glitter came pouring out on to Autumn’s pumpkin!

I’m using the pink.


Good job squeezing the glue!

Now shake, shake, shake!

Turn and get this side next.

Deep in concentration.  The tongue thing comes from my Daddy!


Saturday we headed down to Larkspur to go to a pumpkin patch.  We were a little early so we stopped at the park to play.

This park had a tire swing.  We’ve never been on one before-they are fun!


I could even play with it by myself.

Autumn went to climb the play structure.  It was all wet so she didn’t really play on it.

Instead she went into airplane mode.

We left for the pumpkin patch and got there right when it opened.  We were the only ones there for awhile. We started with the animals you could pet and feed.  We tried to get the baby piggie to come to us, but he was to busy digging in the dirt.

These are alpaca’s.  The spit, but not on us!


Then we fed the sheep and goats.


Even Grandpa fed the animals.

There were ducks, geese, and turkeys.

After the animals Autumn headed to the hay maze.  I went to see the horses.

This is Rosie.


Next we went cow wrangling.


Spin the rope and THROW!


Look at Grandpa do it.  He almost looks like he knows what he’s doing.


Autumn got pretty good at spinning her rope.



Next we threw apples at the squirrel, bear, and moose.  Watch out Grandpa!


Then we were off to the rope maze.  You had to follow the different color ropes to try and get to the flag that matched it.


Autumn followed the yellow rope and made it to the orange flag by Grandpa.  Hmmmm, guess she didn’t quite follow the rope!

Playing some more in the maze.


Check these things out!  You won’t believe what they are for!

See that basket?  It had apples and pumpkins inside it for us to launch at the hay.

Pull some more!

Here I go!

You pull, pull, pull it and then you let go!


Can you believe we were only half way done with all the stuff to do there?  The next thing was a huge hay pyramid.  We went on it, but it wasn’t as much fun because we were a little to small to climb by ourselves.


We headed to the giant slide next.  They had a small one that we tried out first.


It might be hard to tell in the pictures but we were really having a lot of fun.  Autumn doesn’t smile very much when she’s doing things, and lots of the pictures where I was smiling, my eyes were shut.  Must be some of that asian I have in me!

Here’s the big slide.  We raced down a few times.


We even went down on our tummies.  Hey, where’s the picture of me on my tummy?


On the way to the “corn box” we stopped and turned into sunflowers.


Wanna know what the corn box is?  It’s like a sandbox, but instead it’s full of corn!


See, corn!

Where’s Kalina?!


Alright, I’ll be honest.  The corn was way cool to play in, but here’s the trouble with corn versus sand.  When sand sticks to you it’s small and not so noticeable.  When corn sticks to you it’s a little more uncomfortable!  We had corn in our shoes and hair.  It was even down my pants!  Later that night Dad had to a get a piece out that was stuck at the top of my booty!

The had a tractor ride.  We rode behind the tractor on a hay trailer and looked for animals in the field.  We saw deer, ducks, a turkey, and a fox.  (They weren’t real though!)

Since Grandpa was there, we got to ride the horses 2 times!  We both choose to ride Rosie again.


While I waited for Autumn to finish I petted Eeyore, the donkey.


Finally it was time to pick a pumpkin!  Mom said we could have one.  She says we’ll get to buy more later when it gets closer to Halloween.  In Colorado they get mushy and yucky if you carve them to soon.  We have to wait until it’s only a couple days until Halloween to do carving.
Go grab a wheel barrow!


I got mine!


Don’t drop your pumpkin!


Let’s go pay!

See that mark on mom’s knuckle of her ring finger?

That’s where Rosie’s son, Champion nipped her.  She got bitten by a pony!