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Today we headed up to Copper Mountain for our first ski adventure of the season.  This year Autumn wanted to learn too!  We got our ski’s and helmets earlier this week and practiced wearing them at home.  Then we woke up  and headed out the door.

Our teacher was Heather and she was really nice.  We’re all ready to go!

Headed to the magic carpet.


For the beginning Mom and Dad hung back and let us learn from Heather.  They were close by so when Autumn needed a break, she went over and sat with them.  I got to have some one on one time.

Watch me go!


Magic carpet

Down again!


Autumn is back.  It’s her turn to head down.


Look at the pizza she can make!


Watch out magic carpet, Autumn can do this all by herself!


My turn, more turning practice for me.


All of a sudden it was 3 hours later and our lesson was done!  We went back to mom and dad.  Heather says that a few more lessons and we should be able to try the chair.


We had some lunch and then we practiced a few magic carpet rides with mom and dad.  After a few runs Autumn was done skiing.  She decided rolling in the snow was more fun.


Here’s Dad helping me practice my pizza feet.  It helps to have your hands make the pizza shape too!


Today we got to decorate our pumpkins!  Jackie came over to help and we had lots of fun. We had tiny pumpkins, medium sized ones, and a big one.



First we worked on our painted pumpkins.  Mommy put tape on them and we drew our faces.  Then she cut on the lines and took off the extra tape.  Then we got to finer paint on them.  It was kinda messy, but it was fun.


While we worked on our paint pumpkins, Jackie worked on the big ones.  We had used our hands to make the eyes, and our letter to make the nose, and Jackie was going to draw the mouth.

She had lots to work on so we did our glitter pumpkins next.  We did these before, but they were outside on the porch and the rain and snow washed off the glitter.


Then we did the sticker pumpkins.  They were the tiny pumpkins!


After that Jackie was ready for us to help.  Well, she was ready for me to help.  Autumn didn’t want to touch the insides of her pumpkin.


After she was all done carving them we took them to my closet with a flashlight to see how they looked!  It was awesome!


Here are mine.

These are Autumn’s.


This weekend we had a memorial for Nane.  We had lots of people over for dinner on Friday and went to the memorial on Saturday.  Mom was to busy cooking and stuff to take pictures, but today was much less busy.  Other Grandma came over and brought breakfast.  Grandma and Grandpa stopped by, Nancy Scott came to say goodbye, and the Carlsons came over too.

All weekend we played with all these Doyles!  It was sooo much fun!

This was Ry and I playing with Uncle Dave.

This morning Kelly and I ate our fruit cups together.

Autumn and Uncle Dave played with the sprinkler pieces.

Then we went out to have scooter races with Uncle Dave.  “We’re going in the puddles, the puddles, the puddles.  We’re going in the puddles.  We’ll all get wet!”


Oops, Autumn is stuck in the mud.

This is soooo much fun!


We’re off to get some pumpkins. Uncle Dave wanted to ride in the wagon first!


That was hard work!  Our turn!

Pumpkin time!


Look at this GIANT pumpkin I picked.

Check out the stem on this one.  It looks like a tree!

Autumn liked to pick ones that she could carry.


Auntie Devon liked ones that had bumps.

Look at this haul of pumpkins!


This is my friend Kelly.  She played with me a lot this weekend.

This was everyone walking up our street.


Later everyone left.  They had to fly on an airplane.  Mom says maybe someday we’ll get to visit them though.