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Today we left California and hopped on the plane to Hawaii.  I sat with Mom and Autumn sat with Dad.  Allie was across the aisle.  Grandma, Grandpa, Pony, Jeff, Caitlin, and Ryland left earlier in the morning.  We have been talking about going surfing and hula dancing and the beach forever, so when we got to the hotel we got our swim shoes on and headed out.  Hind sight being 20-20, Mom says we should’ve put our swimsuits on too.  That beach was so much fun-we played in the waves and the sand.  Mom says that it was a night and day difference from us at the beach last year.  Last year we were smaller so we were afraid of the waves and noise.

Checking it out.

I went out first.  The first touch of Hawaii water!

When Autumn went out she kept running away from the waves.


Now we played together.


Quick, run!

Keep me safe Autumn!  Block those waves!

Daddy held our hands so the waves didn’t knock us down.


Allie was soaking in some rays.


Kicking and splashing


Grandpa came down when we were finishing up.  Autumn was showing him how to stay away from the waves.

It’s 7:45pm in Hawaii and we are passed out in bed.  Mom is struggling to keep her eyes open to finish typing.  Tomorrow at 11 is hula lessons so stayed tuned for hip swinging pictures!



Today we went on an adventure to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.  It wasn’t a very far drive and we had lots of fun.  At this place they rescue animals and provide a home for them.  First they are in smaller pens where they can adjust to the new place.  The spend time together in bigger area’s so they can learn to be friends.  When they are used to that they get to go to the large open areas.  We walked a mile out and back on the walkaways that go above the animals.  You can’t run or scream because that scares the animals.

These tigers were all in the “new to the sanctuary” area.


This guy was taking a bath!

This one was pacing back and forth.  Maybe it was lunch time?

This lion was in one of the bigger areas.  She was snoozing in the shade.

We’re looking at some bears.


Look at all the black bears playing, eating, and resting.  Another rule is that you can’t smoke.  The lady told us that some of the bears suffered from withdrawals when they got to the park.  They were trained to do trick for cigarettes at their old circus, so no smoking at this place!


These were two cubs that are in a special area.  The bigger black one is a surrogate mother for them.

Autumn is taking a break from walking.

At each of the big areas there was a sign that told about the animals and what they were rescued from.  I wanted to know what the signs said, so mom and I stopped at each one and read about the animals.

The next one we saw was they wolves.


Look, these guys dug little holes to rest in.

After the wolves we saw a tiger enclosure, and then some smaller animals.  We couldn’t really see many of the small ones, but the sign said there was a porcupine and foxes.  We did see a lynx and bobcat I think.  The last area was the Bolivian lion area.  These lions were rescued from circuses when the Bolivian government said that they couldn’t have animals anymore.

Look at how this lion is sleeping-just like Autumn does!


We took a picture by a huge poster of Eddy.  He was born at the park.


We wanted to go see what was this way.


On the walk back Mom took a few more pictures.


Look, another lion sleeping on his back!

On our way into the shop.





Last weekend we were in Truckee and Reno.  We flew to Reno from Denver and stayed at the hotel with Diane.  When we woke up and went to breakfast Allie, Pony, and Kevin and were there.  They must’ve driven late at night because they weren’t there when we had dinner at 9pm!  We played games at Circus Circus and then went to our adventure house in Truckee.  Diane made cereal mix and we got our own special little bags.  Autumn really likes it!


The next day we met our cousins from San Diego to go swimming.

This is Sydney.


Savannah is in the Minnie Mouse suit.

After the wedding ceremony we didn’t have to stay clean anymore.  We went to the rocks to play.


Uncle Jeffrey and Auntie Caitlin were the photographers.  Mom took this picture when they were coming back from taking pictures.

This is our cousin Shana.  She had a special chair for her dad who is no longer here.  She was moving his chair because “no one leaves her daddy by himself!”

I wanted to take a picture with the princess, AKA bride.


Boogie time!

I danced with Kevin.


When it got dark we went inside and danced some more.  You should have seen Ry Guy “dancing”.  He was rolling all over the place!