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I can’t believe our trip is half over!  Today was another early morning snorkel trip but this time we all got to go.  A lady at dinner last night told us about a place to go with a nice beach so we all met this morning and headed over.  Well, all except Allie.  She was still sleeping.  The beach was near the Prince hotel in Makena.

Pony took us down to touch the water.  Autumn was ok with touching it, but she didn’t want to go in.

After one wave she said “Ok, that’s enough”  so we ran away.  Who knew she was kidding?!


Grandma and Autumn went to the water too.


Look, even Daddy came to the beach with us!

Jeff and Caitlin were trying to take a picture.  Look at how much taller she is!

There was a canoe group with their boats there.  I went to check it out.  The man let me sit inside and hold a paddle!


After that they went out snorkeling.  Mom says they saw a turtle out there and lots of fish and coral.  She says it was one of the better snorkeling times she’s ever had.

Is the water cold?

I’m building a sand tower.

Since the water was really calm here we did some “surfing”.


Autumn DID NOT want to go in with Mommy today.

Standing on the boogie board was a little tricky, so we did some laying down.  I could even do it a little by myself.


Grandma needed a little help going in the water.  The kids helped show her how to do it.


Gotta go a little closer…

Not close enough yet…one more step

There we go!

I helped too.

Caitlin and I went out together to rinse off the sand.

After the beach it was time for breakfast.  We went into Kihei and had brunch at the Kihei Cafe.  I had some of Mommy’s eggs, Daddy’s pancakes, and Grandma’s french toast.  They were all yummy!  Mommy had cinnamon roll french toast and Daddy’s pancake pile was huge!

Since it wasn’t nap time yet when we got back to the hotel we got to go swimming!  In the valet area a lady was packing her car to go home and she gave us these cool boards with windows on them so you could see under water.  She even had 3!  The kids tried them out in the pool.


This one was me showing Mom my big arms in the big pool.


Tonight after nap we are going to the Old Lahaina luau.  We’ll get to see hula dancers!!!

Waiting for the cars to pick us up.

Another try at getting 3 kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time.

Picture with Auntie Pony.


Someone said “Look up!”  How literal they take things.

Autumn, look here

Once we got inside the luau we went exploring.  first we learned to dance.


Then we went to get hair pieces.


Then we went and made bracelets.  We could each do it ourselves!


After I put the flowers on the string the man tied it to my wrist.

See Autumn do it herself.

See hers on her wrist?  She wasn’t really grouchy-she was watching the man make a necklace for Ry.

These dancers were doing a few dances before the show started.


See the pretty sunset.


After the show some dancers were outside when you walked out.  I took a picture with one, but I closed my eyes!


Today was a day to stay out of the sun for a little while.  This morning everyone but the kids, Grandma, and Daddy went to Ahihi beach to go snorkeling.  It’s a spot that Pony really likes to go to.  Since there’s only rocks we didn’t get to go.  They said it was okay, but it was to murky, so instead they went and had cinnamon rolls and maui chips in Kihei.  After they came back we went to Lahaina to go exploring and have lunch.

We walked along the street and went into different stores.  Shopping is not something Autumn likes to do but she did a good job yesterday.  This was a spot to take a little break.  I was checking out the waves.

Autumn wanted to join me too.

We bought some shirts, and some decorations for Autumn’s croc’s and then had lunch.  Uncle Jeffrey wanted to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise because he needed a new cup from there.  We watched a few more waves while we waited for our turn to sit down.


Autumn liked the stairs.  She said what was on each one as she walked up.

After lunch we walked some more and ended up by the big banyan tree.  There was a craft fair so we looked around there.  Autumn thought she needed to duck to get under this branch!

We had been asking for ice cream since lunchtime.  We finally found a store that had some.  (although, I’m pretty sure we passed other ones-guess mom didn’t see those)


Hey, wait!  That’s not an ice cream grandma?!

You either Allie!

Auntie Cait-what are you sharing with Ryland?

Snow cone?  Hmmmmm, maybe we’ll have to try that another time.  After our treat we headed back to our hotel.  Since it was past nap time mom took us down to the pool to play for awhile.  Then we headed to dinner in Kahului at Da Kitchen.  Mom got to have kalbi ribs and a fried spam musubi.  I had some kalua pork and pesta pasta.  This dinner was much better than last nights!



Thursday was the first full day of our vacation.  We woke up pretty early and headed down to breakfast with Grandpa, Mom, and Dad.  By 7:30 we were at the pool and having some fun.  After awhile we went down to the beach to play.  This was the pool on the way to breakfast.

Grandpa brought our blow up turtle that he bought in Kauai last year.  He started to blow it up, but the guys at the pool had a pump he could use so that he wouldn’t pass out.


This was us playing at the water with Auntie Caitlin.

We did lots of playing in the sand too.  Grandpa would build up a mountain and we would knock it down.


Sometimes we would go down to the ocean and get water with him.


We headed back to the pool around 11ish for some more pool time.  Then we had lunch at the pool and headed up to the room for nap time.  After nap we headed into Kahului for dinner.  We tried a place called Ramen Ya.  Everyone had noodles and they were yummy!  After a little walking around the mall the restaurant was in we headed back to the hotel.  It was a long day!

Friday started with Autumn and Daddy going to the grocery store while Mom and I went to breakfast.  On the way to breakfast we saw this snail with a fancy shell.

We wanted to go to the beach today so after breakfast we went up to change and headed for the beach.  Grandpa played with us in the water.  Later auntie Cait came to the water too.  We played at the beach all morning, but mom forgot her camera.  She says uncle Jeffrey has some pictures that she’ll add when she gets them from him.


Guess Jeffrey only had a couple of Autumn with Auntie Caitlin.


Towards the end of our beach time we all went and played in the water one more time.  I got tired of it and went to play in the sand with Dad, but Mom and Autumn went out to play in the water more.  Mom would hold Autumn and let her float over the waves and do a kind of “body surfing”.  Except a HUGE wave came and they were in the wrong place.  The wave knocked them down and made them go under water.  When mom finally got them up again another big wave was coming.  It knocked them down again.  Autumn didn’t like getting tossed by a wave.  She said that she didn’t like it.  It was too dark.  After that we all headed up to the pool.



When we were at the beach there was a family that was leaving that day.  They gave their boogie board to us.  We didn’t use it at the beach, but it was fun in the pool.


After pool time we had nap time.  While we slept Mom went shopping to get new glasses since a fish now owned hers.  Then a bunch of them went to rent snorkel geat in Kihei.  On the way they saw a taco truck and stopped for a snack.  When she came back she found out we had to change rooms.  We switched to a room by grandma and grandpa and then headed down to listen to some hawaiian music from students at the University of Hawaii.


Dinner was at a place called MonkeyPot (don’t order the mac and cheese from the kids menu-it was so gross grandma barely swallowed her bite!)  and we walked down to Lappert’s for come ice cream.  Then it was back to the hotel for night nights.  Tomorrow some adults are going snorkeling so we are going to hang out with grandma and daddy.